Lunch update

It’s a nice day out there! The temp has now climbed to 48 degrees and is continuing to slowly rise. Enjoy those beautiful skies and nice temps while you still can! (ha)

I just listened in a conference call by the National Weather Service. They have noticed what I’m noticing….model guidance is trending lower with snow totals. That being said, I still think we could all pick up a couple inches of snow. Will there be isolated spots with up to 3″? It’s possible but not likely. The bottom line is this, don’t look for snowfall amount to be increased. If anything, you may see some forecasters lowering their totals (esp the ones who got excited with the one round of model data that suggested 4-6″).

I’m sticking with 2″.

I have had a lot of folks email me, tag me (FB), and so forth asking me what I think of other forecasts that say this, that, or the other. I don’t know why they make those forecasts. You’ll have to ask them (ha).  I make my forecast and I post it here. I’m not concerned with what some guy on channel ? is saying. I do, however, listen to the NWS and I pay attention to their reasoning. I then take my life-long experience with the plateau, model data, and my own education in meteorology to make the best forecast I know how to. And that’s when you get a Meteorologist Mark forecast! ha

You all have a great lunch and I’ll be keeping an eye on this weather!

Oh! One more thing. I agree with the NWS that Friday morning may be one of those mornings where we get just a little freezing rain before the precip turns to rain. We had one of those morning’s like that last year and many of you slipped and slid all over Crossville that morning. Just be mindful of this possibility on Friday. That’s several days away but I wanted to give you a heads up.

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