Evening update

The clouds are moving in fast this evening, evidence of warm air that is already trying to move in aloft. It’s easier for warm air to ride up and over cold, arctic air at the surface. Arctic air is shallow and heavy and that makes it easy for gravity to hold it down to the surface. That also makes it hard for warm air to move out of the way.

As warm air continues to move in aloft, precip will also start trying to fall. If some of this can make it to the ground in the morning, while temps are still below freezing, we could see some slick spots on area roads. That chance is slim, but one I want you to be aware of.

If you look west, toward southeast Missouri, you can already see some echoes on the radar. They are light, for sure, but that’s the kind of stuff I always worry about sneaking in here on us before temps get above freezing. Notice that precip is a mix of greens (rain) and blues (snow), meaning it’s a very light wintry mix.


The closest winter weather advisories are in southern Kentucky. That’s close, especially to those of you in Fentress County. You all be especially careful if you head out in the morning and any precip is falling. Again, the chance of a wintry mix is only about 10-20% but that’s enough for me to feel like I should let you know.

As I said at the start of this blog, the clouds were moving in fast this evening, which made for a beautiful sunset. In case you missed it I snapped some pics! You all have a great evening!


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