Let the big warm-up ensue!


Main threats

Tuesday: Thunderstorms with heavy rainfall. Flooding may be an issue


We have a light wintry mix of precip falling across the plateau this morning. Thankfully, temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s, preventing any major problems. This was a very close call, folks. Still, be careful if you’re out and about this morning. I noticed the sleet wasn’t melting on the driveway this morning (that ground is cold!). Some of that sleet came down heavily across the north end of the county this morning.

The good news is that this morning wintry mix is a result of a developing warm front that is going to invite some much warmer air into our neck of the woods. Look at those 60-degree readings for the start of our work week! Notice I don’t even expect us to go below freezing for the next week! I guess this is a February thaw….

As we get into Tuesday, we may have to start watching out for some heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. I’m not expecting severe weather, but I’ll keep an eye on it. The greater threat looks to be heavy rainfall. We could end up with at least a couple inches of rain by the end of next week. That system will be followed by a return to colder weather.


The morning of February the 1st of 1951 brought more snow to the Midstate. The snow ends around noon, leaving the city of Nashville buried under eight inches of extremely heavy snow and ice. The city is completely paralyzed. First the crippling ice storm of a few days ago, and now this paralyzing snow/ice storm today.

On this day, forecasters warn the city to prepare for dangerously cold air that will come in behind this snow system. This will be air that is cold enough to freeze folks to death if they aren’t prepared. Hopefully, with travel impossible, folks have what they need at home to stay warm.

How cold will it get? Stay tuned….



Record high: 67 (1980)

Record low: 0 (1971)

Today’s sunset: 5:07

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:39

Today’s day length: 10 hrs 27 mins 44 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 10 hrs 29 mins 36 secs

One year ago today

It was a rainy, mild day until a cold front moved through at about 5:00 p.m. Before that, though, the high climbed to 48 degrees. Once that cold front moved through, temperatures dropped and the rain turned to light snow. By midnight, we were 30 degrees and had picked up nearly half an inch of liquid precipitation. No snow appears to have accumulated.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waning crescent, 10% illumination (#8)


There shouldn’t be much to see tonight, with cloudy skies in place. If those clouds break, I’ll send an update later this evening with some pointers on things to look for in the night sky.


I’m still waiting on word for the new date for the rocket launch. I saw some Twitter chatter yesterday that suggested it would be scheduled that last week of February. My birthday is February 27th. How cool would that be? I’ll keep you posted!

You all have a great day! Aren’t you glad the arctic blast is over? That’s something to be thankful for today, right?

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