A record high for today?


Main threats

No major threats in sight for this week.


We were so fortunate to see as much sun as we did yesterday. I sure hope you enjoyed it!

We tied a record high yesterday of 67 degrees. Our record high for today is 65, and I’m almost certain we’ll either tie or break it.

We are also so fortunate to be so warm and humid in the first week of February and not be worried about severe t-storms. I’m not sure I can recall a time like this that we didn’t get severe weather. Never the less, that threat is just not there this week. I have more on this in the discussion if you’re interested.

Just look for scattered showers and thundershowers from now through Thursday night. Some heavy downpours are possible, especially Thursday evening, but widespread flooding doesn’t look like it will be a problem.

As much colder air rushes in Friday morning, we could see some flurries. No worries, though. The sun should make a brilliant return by Friday afternoon, sticking with us through Saturday and giving us a pretty nice first half of the weekend.

I sure hope you get out and enjoy that nice weather on Saturday! Next week, is looking very wet! Showers may move in as early as Sunday afternoon.


I’ve had several folks comment that they were worried about this warm and humid weather in February. This normally does not bode well for us. I honestly can’t remember the last time we had this kind of weather in February and didn’t have a threat for potent storms hanging over our shoulders. But, that’s just the case this week.

I used to always tell my meteorology students that it doesn’t matter how hot and humid you are here at the surface if you don’t have a mechanism for getting that fuel into the atmosphere. Heat and humidity are the fuel that drives storms. However, if you can’t kick that airmass up into the atmosphere, for it to cool, condense, and form clouds, you can’t get big storms. It’s like having a can of high octane gas sitting right beside your car. Little good it does ya if you can’t get it into the gas tank.

In our case, we have all this warm, juicy air here at the surface but nothing to help it get up into the atmosphere and make storms. That’s odd for this time of year, as we usually have a very active and strong jet stream overhead or nearby to help pull this surface airmass upward. But, the jet stream is too far north and by the time it dips down us Thursday night, the front will have passed and our surface air will be cool and stable. Lucky us!

There will be a little bit more lift to the atmosphere to our west today and their is a slight risk of severe weather that extends into parts of West TN. I don’t foresee any major problems, but this is the most active this weather pattern will be. It’s hard to believe how lucky we are with this scenario. If this were summer time, we’d be near 90 degrees.

Below is the map showing the severe wx threat for today. The yellow is a slight risk area for severe storms.



On this day in 1942 the weather must have been quite warm and unsettled. An F-2 tornado struck just before dawn across Giles and Lincoln counties, located in southern Middle Tennessee. The tornado cut a six-mile long path and injured one person near Ardmore.

Have you noticed we’re already starting to get into tornado records for these dates? We’re quickly approaching severe weather season, which starts March 1 (officially).

But don’t worry, we still have winter-like records for this date!

It was a Friday on this day in 1807. It would become known as “Cold Friday” for folks across the Midwest and South. High temperatures across Ohio and Kentucky never got above zero! It’s been a while since we’ve seen that kind of cold this far south.



Record high: 65 (1963)**

Record low: 1 (1988)

Today’s sunset: 5:12

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:34

Today’s day length: 10 hrs 37 mins 18 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 10 hrs 39 mins 17 secs

*The “R” stands for record. We tied the record high of 67 yesterday. The last record was set in 1962.

**The record high of 65 is in jeopardy of being tied or broken today

One year ago today

The high was 47 degrees, though temps were in the 30s most of the day, rising little from the morning low of 34 degrees. A cold rain fell and added up to 0.34″ at the Crossville Airport. A warm front began moving in from the south during the afternoon, causing that rain to develop. It persisted into the evening. Temps rose from the 30s to the 40s after sunset, reaching 47 degrees by midnight.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waxing crescent, 2% illumination



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