Rain has slowed down

The leading line of rain is really starting to weaken, as it slows its pace. The main, big band of precip is hanging back over West TN. Therefore, we have no worries with your drive home from work this evening!

The band of rain will continue to slowly makes its way in our direction. Lightning activity continues to be very low and severe storms are still not expected for the plateau this evening.

The main batch of rain should arrive between 7-9:00 pm this evening, unless the line slows even more. Once that rain finally arrives, the wind advisory will no longer be needed.

Below is the current radar, showing a weakening line ahead of the main band of rainfall. That was a  line of storms but it has weakened dramatically, as well as slowed down.


The high so far today has reached 72.4 degrees here at weatherTAP and that is the current temperature. That means our record high for today has been broken by several degrees!

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