One more dry day to love


Main threats

No major threats with in the next several days. 

Next week: Flooding may become an issue. Stay tuned.


Rain. Then, more rain.

That’s your forecast in a nutshell. You’re welcome!

Alright, so there are some details to spell out. First of all, today looks alright, with increasing cloud cover and mild temperatures. The rain showers should hold off until late tonight. Those showers should be light. The showers should be ending by mid-morning Friday, leaving us with a cloudy but dry afternoon. Then, showers move back in for the evening and overnight hours.

That system should be coming to an end by mid-morning Saturday. We could even see a few wet snowflakes Saturday morning. No problems are anticipated.

The bulk of Saturday should be cloudy but drier. Clouds will darken again by evening, though, as our next overnight system gets ready to move in. That system will bring more rain for late Saturday night and Sunday. That system should be moving out by Sunday evening.

The bulk of Monday looks dry, as our next big weather maker organizes to our southwest. Rain will move back in during the very late night hours, toward Tuesday morning.

So, basically rain will be with us, off and on, for the next week to ten days.


It’s unusual to see a wet pattern in the model data that just does not seem to end. Starting late tonight, you’ll need to keep the rain gear handy through at least next weekend. Some of the rain next week could be very heavy. It’s disturbing to see so many inches of rain forecast for parts of Middle TN by the model data for next week, when so many areas are so saturated already.

I wish I could say some of that will be snow, but it just looks like periods of warm rain and periods of cold rain. If only we could have gotten some cold air in here….we could have had our snowiest week on record next week! We’d be talking FEET of snow…. sigh..


It was a snowy Valentine’s Day for the city of Nashville in 1902! The city picked up eight inches of snow.

Three years later, bitter cold arctic air settled into the Midstate. Hohenwald hit -23 and Tullahoma hit -22 degrees. This established new all-time record lows for these two towns, both of which are located in southern Middle TN.

A lot of Valentine’s flowers went undelivered on this day in 2004 in Dallas, Texas. The city picked up three inches of snow, making this the greatest one-day snowfall since 1978. Traffic was a nightmare, with numerous accidents. To make matters worse, there were widespread power outages. Many flights from Dallas-Fort Worth were cancelled.



Record high: 68 (1959)

Record low: 2 (1960)

Today’s sunset: 5:21

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:26

Today’s day length: 10 hrs 53 mins 36 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 10 hrs 55 mins 43 secs

One year ago today

It was a rather gloomy Valentine’s Day last year. We were blanketed with clouds and intermittent rain showers, along with occasional fog. The rain accumulated to nearly half an inch (0.44). It was a very mild day, though! The lowest temperature was 48 degrees and the high was 57. Winds were light to calm.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waxing gibbous, 67% illumination


Star gazing will be mediocre, at best, for the next several nights. Hopefully, we can see clear enough skies to enjoy Tuesday night’s Full Moon. It will be the brightest and largest Full Moon of the year.


Online SKYWARN spotter classes are back! The NWS Nashville invites all of us to take these courses and either refresh yourself on severe weather spotting, or become a spotter for the first time! I know, I know…’re thinking you’re not cool enough to be a spotter. WRONG! Anyone can do it! And no one is too cool for spotter school either! Anyone can do it and we need you!


You all have a great Valentine’s Day!

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