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Main threats

Tuesday-Wednesday: Very heavy rainfall that could lead to serious flooding issues across the plateau. Widespread rainfall amounts of 3-4″ are possible through Wednesday, with locally higher amounts possible.


First of all, check out those graphics! Lookin’ sharp, right? I really am quite proud of the new look and I hope you are too! I hesitate to venture into “7-day outlook” territory but I’m willing to give it a shot. (ha) Just always take those last two day with a grain of salt.

For today, expect mostly cloudy skies. We could see a flurry or sprinkle up until mid-morning but the majority of the day should just be cloudy. Showers move in late tonight and those should be with us through most of our Sunday and into the evening hours.

We get a break Monday, before the next big rain maker arrives Monday night. We’ll start out with just showers Monday night. I now think the bulk of the heavy rain will hold off until Tuesday, possibly holding off until Tuesday night. That rain could be heavy at times through Wednesday. We could see several inches of rain with this system and flooding is certainly likely.

The rain continues right on into Thursday and Friday, though I think we will start to see that rain fall in more of a shower-like fashion and not the heavy downpours of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Notice that temps stay mild throughout the 7-day, owing to a warm and moist southerly flow from the Gulf.

Seriously, are those graphics not sharp?! I’m so excited!


It’s model output like this that raises eyebrows. This shows accumulated rainfall over a 6-hour period, from 6:00 a.m. to noon Wednesday. That timeframe can change, of course, but the axis has remained pretty steady. That shows about 2-3″ of rain in that timeframe alone. In all total, about 4 inches of rain can be expected across the plateau from this event if we go by this one model alone. That axis will shift east and west over the next 24- 48 hours in the model output, so rainfall forecast amounts may change a bit. Never the less, we are expecting a heavy rainfall event across our region that will produce several inches of rain and you need to be making preparations for it if you live in a flood prone area.


Now is the time to clean out ditches, open storm drains, make sure culverts are clear. This could save you lots of trouble next week. If you have a basement, leaky roof, etc. get ready for troubles next week.

The long-range outlooks show even more rain coming for next weekend. If that holds true, some models are suggesting that from now until next Sunday, some of us may have accumulated up to 10 inches of rain in our rain gauges.

We are on track to shatter records for the wettest February on record. That reminds me, I’m currently looking back through records to see how unprecedented this all is, especially going three winters in a row without significant snowfall through February.


This record is a hoot! I think I’ve shared this before, but it is certainly worth sharing again. Try not to get too spooked, though! (ha)

On this day in 1928 a fierce storm blew through Fentress County. Heavy winds and rain tore across the county, downing several trees. As folks began walking outside to inspect the damage, folks in the Albertstown area found more than they bargained for.

As they walked about, surveying the storm’s damage, they noticed a tree that had been uprooted in the old Albertstown cemetery. As they walked closer, they realized it was an old pine that had fallen victim to the storm’s strong winds. As they walked even closer they caught sight of something in the tree’s roots, now sticking high into the air above the hole from whence they had been upended.

Finally, they realized what they were seeing. There in the roots of that old pine was a pair of children’s shoes! An investigation revealed that the shoes belonged to a child of Dan Richard’s, buried near the pine some 40 years prior! As the story goes, the shoes were well preserved, though no trace of a casket or any other apparel could be found. Just the shoes.

Tall tale? Maybe. But it sure makes for a heck of a storm story, right? 🙂



Record high: 71 (1961)

Record low: -3 (1958)

Today’s sunset: 5:23

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:24

Today’s day length: 10 hrs 57 mins 50 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 10 hrs 59 mins 59 secs

One year ago today

At first glance, it looked as if this was the second really warm day in a row this time last year. The high was 67 degrees, sure, but that occurred early in the morning. Temps were in the low to mid 60s up until about 9:00 a.m. Then, the winds switched from the north and temps took a big tumble! Falling into the 40s by noon. By midnight, the temp had fallen to 40 degrees. Skies were cloudy all day, with light rain falling in the afternoon, accumulating to 0.11 inches at the airport.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waxing gibbous, 86% illumination




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