An impressive warm front

The warm front continues to make it’s way toward us, and it is kicking up quite the lightning show. Even though we are still 36 degrees, we could see some thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. The dynamics aloft are quite impressive and that is leading to some robust t-storms. These storms are not severe, though many of the storms are producing small hail. It’s not hard for hail to make it to the ground when temps are just a few degrees above freezing!

This front is also producing heavy rainfall and when that warmer air begins to move in later, I worry that fog will be incredibly dense across the plateau.

This morning, you may have noticed that I forecast a high today of 50 degrees. That will actually occur just before midnight, as our temps will begin rising shortly after dark. Those temps will rise dramatically overnight with this very strong warm front.

Below is the national lightning map. Look at all that lightning! All of that activity is lifting north.


WeatherTAP’s RadarLab shows lots of lightning strikes, too. The rain shield is moving northward. Some sleet could mix in at the onset of precip.


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