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Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!


Main threats





I’ve heard the saying all my life, “We’ll do/go __(insert activity/destination)__….Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” At no other time is that more true than now! You all be careful being out and about today. I’ve been warning of this line of heavier rain that will come through today, and that warning is still VERY valid today. Up until now, we’ve just had the steadier, lighter rains with some embedded downpours. Today, we’ll see some heavy downpours with a line of rain/storms that could easily push us to flash flooding.

Below is a current radar image (8:25 a.m.), showing that big band of rain. All activity is moving east. Flash flood warnings are being issued around Nashville at this hour.


Rain will continue today, heavy at times. So far we’re right on track to pick up that 2-3 inches I’ve been telling you about. We are at 1.32″ here in town, with another 1-1.5″ on the way. Some isolated locations could pick up a bit more.

Tomorrow will be a drier day and we may even see a peak or two of sun if we’re lucky. Hey, we got lucky with the sun on Monday, so maybe tomorrow will work out for us, too. Then, the next system is quick to move in. We’ll see that rain overspread our area Thursday night and that will persist into Friday. Another 1-2 inches of rain may fall with this event. That is unfortunate because this particular event had looked more like a “half inch or so” type rain event. Now, it looks as if we’ll get at least twice that much rain.

Then, another wave of energy moves into our area Saturday and this is of the gravest concern. The Storm Prediction Center has now outlined all of West and Middle TN in the threat for severe storms Saturday evening. This threat now includes the entire Cumberland Plateau. Not only are we expecting more rain (1-2 inches worth), but we are now concerned about the possibility of a line of strong to severe thunderstorms crossing the plateau. With our super-saturated soils, we could be looking at widespread wind damage from downed trees. Stay tuned.

Again, by the time this week is over with, many of us will have collected 4-6 inches of rain in our rain gauges.


Guess what happened on this day in 2015? Today is the anniversary of our historic ice storm. The storm that the Governor of the state of Tennessee said made Cumberland County look like an EF-2 tornado had smashed the whole county.

Ice accumulated to one inch in most places, with some folks getting even more than that. The ice combined with 50 mph wind gusts to lead to the downing of thousands of trees  and at least 700 power poles. Some folks in the most rural areas of the plateau were without power for one month.

Yes, today is the anniversary of the worst natural disaster in the history of Cumberland County.

And you better thank your stars the rain we had last night and today isn’t ice.



Record high: 74 (1986)

Record low: -3 (2015)

Today’s sunset: 5:26

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:19

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 06 mins 27 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 08 mins 38 secs

One year ago today

It was very warm this time last year! We had a high of 71 degrees and morning low of only 58 degrees! No precipitation fell and skies were partly to mostly cloudy all day. The only downside is that it was quite the windy day, with frequent gusts over 20 mph from the south.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waning gibbous, 99% illumination



As of yesterday, we are now receiving daily weather reports from Mars! Yes, daily weather reports! How cool is that? Insight will be sending those reports. Temperature, wind speed/direction, and barometric pressure will all be recorded on a daily basis. We’ll even get to see how things change as the seasons change on Mars. It’s just the coolest thing! You can check out those reports by going to

I finally received my agenda for the rocket launch! I leave one week from today, on my birthday! The good news is that Friday and Saturday are packed with all kinds of super cool activities. The bad news (sorta) is that the launch is at 2:30 in the morning! Ha! But, that’s fine. I’ll be too wired up to sleep anyway. Plus, I’ve heard night launches are the absolute best. Then, several minutes later, we’ll see the boosters return and land near our sight. I’m over the moon excited about this and I can’t wait to share all of this with you all!

You all have a great day!

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