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A break in the rain!


Main threats




We have a break in the rain for now, but it is all set to move back in tonight. It looks like our skies will stay mostly cloudy today, with an isolated shower around. Unfortunately, this won’t allow things to dry out too much before the next big rain arrives. That rain moves in tonight and will be with us through Friday. Another 1-2 inches or rain areawide is expected with this.

We should get a break in the rain Saturday morning but that will be bittersweet. The atmosphere will be priming itself for storms Saturday evening/night. Some of these storms could be quite strong and the Storm Prediction Center has now outlined all of the plateau in the slight risk, with Overton and Putnam Counties now included in an enhanced risk for severe weather. Please pay very close attention to the weather between now and then, for both the flood threat and the severe weather threat. I have more on this in the discussion below if you’re interested.

On Sunday, the sun comes out! Can you believe it? That drier weather may be with us through at least Tuesday! That will be nice.


The risk for flooding tonight and tomorrow is quite concerning. I’m not sure where any additional rainfall will go, but I suppose it will find a place to go somewhere.

Even more concerning is the threat for severe storms on Saturday. With highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s, we’ll be plenty warm enough to support robust t-storms. It’s also concerning that the Storm Prediction Center has already included portions of the plateau in the enhanced risk for severe storms. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them upgrade portions of TN to a moderate risk before Saturday gets here.

The threat for damaging, straight-line winds is increasing for the plateau. With our saturated soils, we will have to be very concerned about trees falling over. It won’t take much to cause them to fall. In addition, while our tornado threat is low, it has increased from yesterday’s outlook. If you’re traveling west this weekend be advised that West and Middle TN have a higher risk for tornadoes, some of which could be quite strong.

I’ll be watching this today, tomorrow, and all day Saturday. I’ll update you as needed.


I’ve talked about the Chinook winds along the Rocky Mountains many times and today’s record involves another Chinook event. Remember, Chinook is the name given to down-sloping winds off the Rockies. The air descends the mountain, drying out and heating up as it does so. On this day in 1918 a Chinook event caused the temperature in Granville, North Dakota to rise from a morning low of 33 degrees below zero, to an afternoon high of 50 degrees above zero! An 83-degree temperature rise! That’s just insane.

Over in Langdon, North Dakota a record was set on this day in 1936. It was on February 21st of that year that the folks in Langdon saw the temp climb above zero for the first time in six weeks! Can you imagine staying below zero for six weeks?! The thermometer never climbed above freezing the entire winter! Brrrrrr



Record high: 76 (2018)

Record low: 0 (1963)

Today’s sunset: 5:27

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:18

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 08 mins 38 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 10 mins 50 secs

*Yesterday’s rainfall set a new record for February 20th. 

One year ago today

If you want warmer days you better get you a time machine and go back to one year ago today! The high was 76 degrees, which was a new record high for this day! That was after a morning low of only 63! That sure doesn’t sound like a February day, does it? The only downside is that it was a mostly cloudy day, though the sun did peak out from time to time. Winds were a bit breezy, as well. At times, the winds gusted to over 20 mph. Around 0.08 inches of rain fell with some showers around daybreak.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: waning gibbous, 95% illumination



I shared this on social media yesterday and I meant to share it here, but I already had other news to tell. This truck was driving down a highway in Louisiana on Tuesday when the driver came to a traffic light. While he was waiting for the light to turn green, lightning struck the pole the traffic light was hanging from. The lightning then ran along the ground for 300 feet and ran up into the truck, setting it on fire. The drive said he got out of the truck just a couple moments before it was completely engulfed in flames. Ford tough until lightning hits, right? (ha)


You all have a great day! I’ll keep you posted on the flood threat for tonight/tomorrow and the severe storm threat for Saturday.

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