Update: more flooding concerns tonight

We already have rain moving back into the southern portions of Tennessee. That rain will spread our direction as the afternoon and evening progresses. Make sure you still have that rain gear handy (as if you ever put it away, right?). Also, please be careful if you’re out and about tonight and tomorrow. This rain has nowhere to go and we will likely see more flooding.

Below is a current look at the radar. Unlike Tuesday’s rain that looked heavy on radar but was actually a lot of sleet, the yellows you see in southern Middle TN are heavy rainfall. All activity is moving northeast.


The storm situation for Saturday evening continues to look concerning. The next round of convective outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center will be out around midnight tonight. It will be interesting to see what the thinking is. Just be advised that Saturday night could be a rough one.

I’ll be watching it all!


In the graphic above, the NWS Nashville states that the greatest threat is west of Nashville. While that is true (and often is), we cannot dismiss the Storm Prediction Center’s thinking that the enhanced risk be extended to the plateau.


You all know I’ll be right here covering it all until the threat has passed Saturday. Follow me on Facebook, as well (https://www.facebook.com/thunderchaser).


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