Sorry bout that

I apologize for that post that just went out. I was trying to work on tomorrow’s and accidentally published it.

This rocket launch this week has just got me all crazy, folks (ha) But, it’s a good kinda crazy. This goof gives me an opportunity to share with you what I just published on Facebook this evening.

“This week, SpaceX is poised to make history with the first-ever test flight of a private spaceship built to carry astronauts into orbit. It will launch the Crew Dragon Demo-1 mission at 2:48 a.m. EST on Saturday, March 2,” SpaceX, via Twitter.

I’ll be there covering it all! BE SURE and follow my blog (! And follow weatherTAP on Twitter (

You’ll want to follow along and the best way to do that is via WeatherTAP’s Twitter page, this blog, and/or Instagram. I will be posting on weatherTAP’s Facebook but those posts are not timely (it’s a Facebook thing). My personal page posts may show up much quicker, esp if you go to your options and select “see first” under the “Following” tab.

It’s going to be a very exciting week, folks. I fly down there Wednesday evening and the activities begin Thursday. Those continue on Friday and then the launch happens in the very, very early hours of Saturday. It’s no matter because I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway (ha).

So, follow along and I’ll be sharing my itinerary with you all tomorrow. It’s packed with REALLY cool things that NASA has scheduled. Stay tuned!

FYI, Wednesday is also my birthday! How cool is that?


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