Sun! Two days in a row?


Main threats

No major threats in sight.


Can you believe we’re getting two sunny days in a row? It just doesn’t seem possible, but alas, here we are! (ha) This sunshine should be with us through Tuesday.

We’ll start seeing a chance of showers creep back in to our forecast on Wednesday. This is not a washout, by any means, but we could certainly see a few showers across the plateau. Those chances increase a bit for Thursday.

Our best chance of rain for the week comes on Friday, when a strong cold front will be knocking at our door. This will bring even more showers and t-storms. At this time, severe weather does not look likely and flooding doesn’t look to be a big problem either. We have several days to dry out between now and then and that will help out a lot. Things dry out fast this time of year!

By Saturday, we could still see some showers around as temps fall. The sun should return by Sunday. Temps could fall into the teens Sunday night.


A major winter storm struck the Midstate on this day in 1894. Most places had over half a foot of snow, with many having over a foot! Byrdstown officially recorded 14 inches, while Nashville had nearly 10 inches.

Drought in 1977 brought reduced visibilities from dust to Virginia and Florida from the 24th thought the 28th. Visibilities were caused by dust from the Great Plains. Severe drought there and winds that gusted to 100 mph carried dust all across the country, leading to miserable breathing conditions and filthy air.



*Almanac data was not available from the NWS this morning, so I pulled data from weatherTAP’s rooftop station. Therefore, some numbers may change tomorrow. 

Record high: 73

Record low: 2

Today’s sunset: 5:31

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:13

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 17 mins 28 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 11 hrs 19 mins 41 secs

One year ago today

The official high on this day one year ago today was 64 degrees, but that occurred just after midnight. A cold front had passed through and temps were dropping. Most of the day was spent in the upper 40s and lower 50s. The cold front dropped 0.87 inches of rain when it passed through.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: GOOD

Moon phase: Waning Gibbous, 60% illumination


If you’re up late, the moon is absolutely beautiful these days! I saw it last night around 11:00 and it was a beautiful sight to see. That moon will be on display again tonight!

Toward dawn, look for Jupiter. It will be hanging out with the moon this week during those early morning hours. Let the moon be your guide in directing you to Jupiter this whole week!



My excitement continues to build for the launch of DEMO-1! Be SURE and follow weatherTAP on Twitter. I’ll post updates quite often here, too. I’m going to be busy posting to social media! But hey, that’s what I do, right? And, that’s the point of this trip; to share NASA and SpaceX’s success with everyone. You’re sure to learn something!

Here’s is the agenda, for those of you who are interested. I’ll be updating social media as each activity takes place.


You all have a great day! If you have any questions about this trip, or if you have any questions you would like me to ask them, just let me know!

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