What a day

I’m in awe. I have no words to describe today and, for once in my life, I’m ok with that.

I have seen the veggie lab, where food is being grown for deep space exploration. What an amazing part of NASA! I was just so impressed. By the way, red romaine lettuce has already been grown and eaten on the ISS and was the first vegetable successfully grown this way. Lettuce? haha

I have stood on a launch pad. Not just any launch pad. It’s the pad that took the space shuttles up. It’s the pad that the Challenger left out on to meet it’s awful fate. A fate that so moved my generation in such a way that many of us will never shake our love of science and NASA. It’s weird how tragedy can inspire.

It’s the pad that gave the Columbia astronauts their last view of earth.

So, yeah, it’s a pad filled with memories, some of which are bad. BUT, it’s a pad filled with so many successes! And it’s the pad that will take us farther into space than ever before……MARS! What a place…..and I stood right there today.

I met an astronaut! Oh my goodness….I grabbed his hand so hard and, let me tell ya, dude had a very strong handshake! (that’s a good sign, you know?) His message was so inspiring. He has no idea how much he affected us today. We’re still in awe.

We met the folks in the highest realms of NASA! Oh my goodness….what a presence they had! I tried to shake their hands but security hoisted them away before we could do much of that.

I saw the rocket on its launch pad. What a sight!!!! We were so close to it, too! I just can’t even…..

This whole experience has been made even better by meeting the other folks who, like me, were selected for this trip by NASA. They’re an incredible group of people and I know that lifelong friendships have been forged. It’s also cool to meet others who do what I do and compare how things work between our organizations, etc.

I’m emotionally exhausted.

And then there’s the launch.

2:49 a.m. EST

It’s coming.

It’s only hours away now.

I’m literally already shaking a little bit.

We’re going to be so close that we’re going to feel the heat. Literally…. Feel…..the…heat.

Ok. I have to stop now because it’s hard to type with this trembling hand.

See you on the other side of the launch!

Godspeed, Demo-1, Godspeed!!!!!

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