Line of storms

I’m watching a line of storms that has fired up along the “cold” front. These fired up along the I-65 corridor through Nashville, where the airmass there was more unstable than ours. Some warnings have been issued but this line should weaken as it moves across Middle TN. The Storm Prediction Center agrees with this thinking, too, and just issued a discussion that circled an area west of the plateau. They said that storms should weaken upon encountering our rain-cooled, more stable atmosphere.

Never the less, we could see heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and lightning with this front. You may even see a severe t-storm warning issued for brief winds that exceed the 58-mph threshold for severe storms. The chance for a tornado is extremely low.

We remain free of any watches for our area and the Storm Prediction Center does not anticipate the need for one.

As I type this, the line is already showing signs of weakening, going along with what models have said all along. Only one warning remains at this time and that just barely reaches Cookeville.

The threat for storms should end by 9:00 pm.

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