Afternoon update

As many of you know, schools have let out because of the threat of strong to severe t-storms that will be threatening the plateau later this afternoon and evening. The storms are still just west of Nashville, so they are still a few hours away from us.

As for timing, I’d say to be on guard any time after 3:00. I think the threat will be over with by 8:00 (probably much earlier). This is a squall line and it should move through rather quickly. That’s why the flood threat is low.

As you can see by looking outside, it is still cloudy. That is a good thing! I’ve even seen some showers popping up on the plateau. That combination helps keep us more stable. We’re not completely out of the woods if it stays cloudy, but it certainly helps.

If that sun pops out we’re in much deeper trouble.

A tornado watch has been issued for portions of Middle TN but it stops at Lebanon. That will run through the afternoon. That watch will likely be extended eastward with time.

So far, the worst of the storms are down in Mississippi and Alabama.

I’ll keep an eye on things and let you know if any new updates come out. The next outlook from the SPC comes out at 3:00.

You all be safe and know what to do if a warning is issued. The main threat remains strong straight-line winds.

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