A beautiful day to raise money for St. Jude!


Main threats

No threats in sight!


What a fine day to have a St. Jude fundraiser! More on this in the News section.

We should also feel so fortunate to have been spared the severe weather yesterday. That was another close call.

Now, have you ever seen so much sunshine on a 7-day outlook? Starting today, we have a beautiful streak of good weather ahead of us. In fact, the extended outlooks show a very quite end to March, with no major storm systems in sight. Sure, we’ll have shower chances from time to time (like on Thursday), but there are no big rain makers or severe weather makers in sight. March has come in like a lion and will leave like a lamb.


The season of severe weather is upon us and that is just what we got on this day in 1973. An F-2 tornado hit the community of Taft in White County. A manufacturing plant was destroyed, killing the watchman on duty. Several homes were moved off their foundation and one is completely flattened. Three more people are injured by the storm.

We’ve seen the news of this week’s incredible storm system on the plains, at times taking on the appearance of a hurricane on satellite. It actually resembled the Blizzard of ’93 that we had here 26 years ago to the day. Yeah, this was a big storm and this can be a big week for winter storms in the U.S!

But, on this day in 1941 a storm even bigger than both of these hit the Dakotas. This storm continues to be recognized as the most severe blizzard to ever hit the northern plains and Minnesota. Wind gusts to 75 and 85 mph were reported with heavy, blinding snow. Drifts to 12 feet high were reported in northern Minnesota. The storm hit on a Saturday night and caught travelers off guard. As a result, 71 people died on roadways!



Record high: 80 (2012)

Record low: 6 (1993) Blizzard of ’93

Today’s sunset: 6:47

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:48

Today’s day length: 11 hrs 58 mins 11 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 12 hrs 00 mins 28 secs


Sky viewing conditions tonight: Good to Excellent

Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous, 62% illumination


It should be a very pleasant evening to get out and star gaze. There are no big meteor showers to look for, but I found this nice map of the night sky for you to use. This is the sky at 8:30 this evening. Go out and look up!




Today is the second annual St. Jude fundraiser to sponsor my run in the St. Jude Rock-N-Roll marathon in Nashville in April! Last year we raised over $1,000 here at work and we’re on track to do even better this year! Why? Because, as of this morning, I have raised $505 dollars with my online fundraising link!!! How awesome is that?! IF I get to $1,500 I get to run the Memphis St. Jude marathon in December with free admission to the race. I will also get a tour of St. Jude! If you’d like to give through my fundraising link I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! That link can be found here:


I’ll keep you posted on how much money I raise today at the Frito Bandito lunch here at work today!


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