A nice St. Patrick’s Day weekend


Main threats

No threats in sight.


This is the most brief summary I’ve been able to type in quite some time! The weather is looking great! The only thing to watch is the chance for a shower on Thursday. Frankly, that may even be taken out of the forecast.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!


Well, I have to report this record because I have a story to go along with it. On this day in 1942 two tornadoes struck Baldwin, Mississippi. The two tornadoes were only 24 minutes apart. Sixty-five people were killed. The fact that this place is named Baldwin is one thing, but I’ve got more…

I was living in Mississippi when a big severe weather outbreak was forecast for Mississippi and West Tennessee. I headed out to meet up with a storm chasing buddy of mine. He wanted to meet in Jackson, TN. I took off from Starkville and got to Baldwin, MS when my alternator went out. There I sat, on the side of the road, when a terrible storm blew in. A tornado warning was issued.

There I sat, in absolutely pouring rain, hoping a tornado wasn’t coming. I couldn’t do anything since my alternator was out. It was distressing. Thankfully, the tornado didn’t touch down and the wrecker arrived shortly thereafter. He turned out to be a major Elvis fan and, since his shop was in Tupelo, he felt it necessary to show me Elvis’ birthplace. Yes, my car was in tow behind us, but down the streets of Tupelo we went, on a grand tour. I was so frustrated. Storms were coming and I wanted to chase!

Meanwhile, my buddy Ross catches up with me. He had decided to just drive down and meet me at this garage in Tupelo, where my car would eventualy be taken. Things move slow in Mississippi and I told him he might as well just drive down.

He gets to Tupelo and asks where we’re at and I say, “I’m getting a tour of Elvis’ birthplace.” Ross, “What the *%$#?” (haha)

Storms were firing and I told the mechanic I was in a hurry. He hurried. It cost me. A lot.

Never rush a mechanic and always show appreciation for his love of Elvis. Lesson learned.


Today’s sunset: 6:48

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:46

Today’s day length: 12 hrs 00 mins 28 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 12 hrs 02 mins 46 secs


Sky viewing conditions tonight: GOOD

Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous, 72% illumination



I’m off doing the St. Paddy’s Day race in Nashville this morning. Gotta get out and enjoy this weather, right? Wish me luck!

You all have a good one!

The Sunday Story this week is about my trip to NASA. I think you’ll really like it!

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