A supermoon, after all!

Looking at the latest satellite imagery, it looks as if the thickest clouds may hold off long enough for us to see that big supermoon after all! This is the last supermoon of the year and it peaks just a few hours after the spring equinox. That spring equinox occurs at 4:58 this afternoon. So, go out and look up! Let’s just hope those clouds stay away a while longer…

The sun sets at 6:52 and the moon rises at 6:37 and becomes full at 8:42. This is the Worm Moon. This Full Moon is usually the last one of the winter, but this year it’s the first one of spring. It is supposedly named after the earthworms that emerge this time of year.

Remember, the spring equinox and Full Moon only occur this close together once every 19 years.

Below is the current satellite, showing clouds several hours away.


D2B8EHwXcAAhUl4.jpg large


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