Good news and a St. Jude update

The NWS Nashville just released some slides to explain the weather for next week. This one was one of them. I know many of you are wanting some warmer temperatures and it looks like they are on the way for next week!


I also wanted you all to know that donations for my St. Jude fundraiser have now hit $1,962!!! More folks have pledged money but until it lands in the bucket, so to speak, we’ll say that we officially have $1,962. If those other pledges come through, we will be at $2,122!!! There’s still time to give! The race is April 27th. The link to give can be found at;jsessionid=00000000.app20102b?px=4948061&pg=personal&fr_id=97508&NONCE_TOKEN=88AB53BA56F66141509710DE14C867FD&fbclid=IwAR3IM6siGnP-KHNCXmf3V01xFvINANJetk6Js2El5lvuRZ-Qo4QhND5uyBw

No donation is too small and 100% of what you give will go straight to St. Jude!


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