Storms, St. Jude, and a benefit

First, I just wanted everyone to be aware that you may have to dodge some storms this evening. They are lining up just west of the plateau and headed this way. They’re nothing too heavy and I’ve even some weakening. Still, some downpours are possible. The strongest storms are to our south in southern TN and down in Alabama.


I also wanted to give you a St. Jude update. I am now up to $2, 087!!! Can you believe it?! I had $75 more dollars come in since Saturday. I can’t wait to see how high this gets before race day (April 27)!

I also meant to mention a benefit some of us are hosting for Wayne Keyes. He goes to my church and was recently diagnosed with cancer. He’s having a really tough time and some of us just want to do what we can to help. Many of you here at Trade-A-Plane remember the Wayne Keyes who worked here? This is his father.

If you can come out on April 6 we sure would appreciate it. And feel free to pass this flier around.

You all have a great evening! After today, you can look for lots of sunshine the rest of the week!


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