March poised to go out like a lamb


Main threats

No significant threats in sight.


Clouds will be with us today, along with a few sprinkles or a shower. Rain is moving this way right now from Nashville but it is already struggling. I doubt it makes it over the plateau but it could still throw some raindrops down as it passes over us.

As far as spring storm systems go, this one we have coming this weekend is quite tame. We’ll see some showers, some heavy downpours from time to time, and some rumbles of thunder, but severe weather is not expected. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a strong storm or two Saturday afternoon/evening. Things could certainly be worse this time of year!

I still think most of the rain will hold off until Saturday afternoon/evening. The most widespread and heavier rain will come in the overnight hours of Saturday.

That all begins moving out by Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, the rain should be gone but the clouds may linger on into the evening.

The sun returns for Monday before another quick system hits us with a shower chance Monday night and Tuesday morning.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The strongest wind ever recorded on the surface of the earth was on New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington. The observatory there recorded a wind gust of 231 mph on April 12, 1934. For perspective, an EF-5 tornado has winds that start at 200 mph.

The wind gust at the observatory on April 12 was the result of the jet stream being at a lower altitude. The wind was absent of any storm, which is quite unusual.


In only one day, the temperature in Washington DC dropped from 82 to 26 degrees. Yes, the spring of 1921 came to an abrupt halt that year in the Nation’s capital! I also feel like there’s a political joke here somewhere but I won’t go there…..

On this date in 2011 the Boreal Ski Resort in Squaw Valley, located in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, reported that 59 feet of snow had fallen there that winter. Fifty-nine feet! All I want is one! (insert sigh….)



Record high: 77 (2017, 2012, 2007)

Record low: 16 (1996)

Today’s sunset: 6:59

Tomorrow sunrise: 6:28

Today’s day length: 12 hrs 30 mins 12 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 12 hrs 32 mins 28 secs

One year ago today

Another warm day was in store for us! The high hit 66 degrees and the low as only 54. A little over half an inch of rain fell (0.65). The highest wind gust was 33 mph from the west.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waning Crescent, 38% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Clouds will obscure much of any view.


The National Weather Service in Nashville released some information about the earliness of this spring compared to previous springs. Trees are ahead of schedule across Middle Tennessee, which is something we can expect about every 5-10 years.


To learn even more, please follow this link:

Also, don’t forget that one week from tomorrow some of us will be hosting a benefit for Wayne Keyes, the father of the Wayne Keyes who used to work here at Trade-A-Plane.


You all have a great day!



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