Out like a lamb…for the most part

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Main threats

A few strong storms this evening could produce gusty winds and small hail. Widespread severe weather is not expected.


I think the bulk of our Saturday will be alright. We could see some showers this afternoon but the main batch of rain may hold off until the evening and overnight.

After our showers and storms later today, March will be out like a lamb on our Sunday, with a return to sunshine. First, some of the storms later this afternoon and evening could be on the strong side. Widespread severe weather is not expected.

A FREEZE WATCH is in effect for Sunday night. Protect any tender vegetation.

Skies remain partly cloudy on Monday before a Gulf low possibly throws some clouds our way late Monday night and Tuesday. It now looks like the rain will stay to our south.

The rest of the week looks good, with our next chance of rain and storms coming as early as Thursday afternoon/evening.

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The phrase “tornado on the ground” is one of the most misused phrases during severe weather. Of course it’s on the ground, that’s what makes it a tornado (ha). Otherwise, it’s just a funnel cloud. A tornado, by definition, consist of rotating winds on the ground.

Also keep in mind that rotation may be lacking a condensation funnel, making it invisible. Winds may be rotating on the ground with no visible funnel. That still satisfies the definition of tornado and is, in fact, some of the most dangerous tornadoes because no one can see it. Thankfully, Doppler radar can still see the winds!

The image below is of a tornado that barely has a visible funnel cloud and no visible funnel extending to the ground. Still, notice the swirling on the ground. the funnel is in contact with the ground, even though you can’t see the funnel. Imagine how trees would have obstructed that view of the ground rotation around here.



On this day in 1899 a storm which buried Ruby, CO, under 141 inches of snow came to an end. Ruby was an old abandoned mining town on the Elk Mountain Range in the Crested Butte area. Can you imagine that much snow?


Yesterday’s high was 65 and the low was 48. A trace of rain fell.

Record high: 80 (1998)

Record low: 16 (1964)

Today’s sunset: 7:00

Tomorrow sunrise: 6:26

Today’s day length: 12 hrs 32 mins 28 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 12 hrs 34 mins 44 secs

One year ago today

It was a cooler day than had been seen lately, with a high of only 55 degrees and a low of 34. A little over a tench of an inch of rain fell (0.11). Winds were from the northwest, with a maximum gust hitting 26 mph.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waning Crescent, 29% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Cloudy skies.


I managed to put a blog together today! For those of you who don’t know, I came down with a bug yesterday and had to leave work early. I’m feeling better today but I’m still very tired and a bit nauseous.  So, if you notice missing pieces, etc blame it on my bug. ha

You all have a great day!


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