More April showers and t-showers


Main threats

TODAY: Strong storms and heavy rainfall

SUNDAY: Monitoring for strong to severe storm chances.


We are in a pattern where waves of showers and t-storms are possible at just about anytime. We are in the marginal risk for severe storms today, which is the lowest of the risk categories. Just be aware that one or two storms could be a bit rowdy, with a damaging wind gust and some hail. The tornado threat is very low.

We should start to see the pattern change tomorrow, with most of the showers and storms out of here by noon. Still, I can’t rule out a stray shower or storm in the afternoon and early evening.

Wednesday and Thursday are looking very nice! It had looked like showers might move in during the day Thursday, but the newest data suggests that threat will hold off until after dark Thursday. Those showers should be moving out of here by noon Friday. That could mean a nice Friday evening.

Saturday is looking good, at this point, but more showers and storms will be ready to move back in for Sunday. Early indications show that some of that activity could be strong to severe. I’ll be monitoring it.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

You know that refreshing smell we often get a whiff of after a summer shower or storm? That smell is caused, at least in part, by a bacteria called actinomycetes. The spores of this bacteria are dispersed into the air after a rain and result in an earthy-soily, refreshing smell. It is most noticed after a dry spell and in woodsy areas.


Spring had abandoned us on this day in 2007. That was when we woke up to a morning low of 20 degrees! That established a new record low for the month of April. If you all will remember, this was during the big “super freeze” that wiped out everything that was growing. The cold snap was made worse by its duration, lasting over a week, and by the stiff north winds. You’ll notice in the records below that we had two 20-degree mornings in a row and many locations dipped into the mid to upper teens.

Likewise, Nashville dropped to 23 degrees, establishing a new April record low for them, as well.



Yesterday’s record high: 84 (2001)

Yesterday’s record low: 20 (2007)

Today’s record high: 81 (1959)

Today’s record low: 20 (2007)

Today’s sunset: 7:08

Tomorrow sunrise: 6:14

Today’s day length: 12 hrs 52 mins 40 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 12 hrs 54 mins 54 secs

One year ago today

This time last year we were very chilly! The high only reached 47 degrees, after a very cold morning low of 25. Winds were light from the northeast all day.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waxing Crescent, 10% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Sky viewing conditions should be pretty terrible. Never the less, if skies will clear enough we have another chance to see the International Space Station fly over at 7:57 p.m. I’ll send out a reminder if it looks like the clouds will break enough to see some of it. Here are the stats on that, jut in case:

Time: 7:57 PM

Visible: 4 min

Max Height: 64°

Appears: 19° above NW and disappears 18° above ESE


Our fundraiser for Wayne Keyes this weekend was wildly successful. We fell just short of raising $15,000!!! All money raised will go towards medical expenses and that will surely help relieve a financial burden. We had lots of food and the auction went very, very well. We are very grateful to all who turned out and we continue to pray for Wayne as he battles this cancer.

We are especially thankful to all those who donated items for auction, brought food to serve, and helped out with anything. We are also grateful to Commissioner Jerry Cooper (7th District) for being our tireless auctioneer! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

You all have a great day.




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