New data on Sunday’s storms

Today’s model runs are not making Sunday look any better. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has placed all of the Cumberland Plateau in the enhanced risk for severe weather for Sunday.

One thing that has changed today is that it looks like we have two rounds of threats. The first will come in the morning. This is the round the SPC is most concerned about. The second may come in the evening with the passage of the cold front. It now looks like we may get some afternoon sun, which would destabilize the atmosphere again ahead of the cold front. Lots of sun = trouble, no sun= no trouble.

Right now, all modes of severe look possible, including tornadoes. I’ll keep you posted throughout the weekend. Hopefully models will trend better for us tomorrow. They sure haven’t today.

With the worst of the threat coming in the early morning hours of Sunday, that could help us out. The morning hours tend to be the more stable hours of the day.

The bottom line is this….keep the storm threat in mind when planning your Sunday. Where will you go if a warning is issued? For those of you going to church, do you have a plan?

Think about what you will do when a warning is issued BEFORE a warning issued. This is the time of year when you need to be thinking about these things.

You’ll be hearing about these storm as they move through Louisiana tomorrow. A tornado outbreak is expected down there.

I’ll keep you posted!




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