Storms late tonight could pack a punch

This is a repeated post. I just changed a setting that required me to post the blog again. Thank you.


Main threats

Be weather-aware from midnight tonight through Sunday afternoon.

LATE TONIGHT (after midnight): Strong/severe t-storms, with all modes of severe wx possible, including tornadoes. Prepare for power outages and have a battery back-up method for getting severe wx warnings.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Strong to severe storms, with large hail and straight-line winds being the main threats.


Also, always take cover fully dressed and with your shoes on.

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Today’s showers will be replaced by a greater threat of severe weather late tonight and again on Sunday.

Our next big weather-maker is gathering strength today to our southwest, bringing violent t-storms to northern Louisiana. That system will bring the threat of severe weather to our area late tonight and again on Sunday. The Storm Prediction Center has placed our area under the enhanced risk for severe weather for late tonight and again on Sunday.

All modes of severe wx are possible, including tornadoes. Hopefully, the timing will help us out, as the most concerning round of storms will come through in the very early hours of Sunday. That time of day is often the most stable. This won’t keep us from getting rough weather, but let’s hope that helps us out!

There’s also the possibility that a complex of strong to severe storms will develop along the Gulf Coast late tonight. If that happens, we will be robbed of a lot of the energy for these storms. That would also help us out a lot.

So, tonight’s storms are certainly not a guarantee, but they are certainly something we should prepare for. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I should mention that winds could become quite breezy tonight ahead of the storms. Secure any loose objects. These winds could knock out power for some of us. Be ready for that and have a battery back-up for severe wx warnings. Charge up those cell phones, etc.

The sun returns for Monday and Tuesday, before our next rain and storm maker arrives mid-week with more severe weather chances.

The following graphics were developed by the National Weather Service in Nashville. Those times are relative and could change. Two rounds of storms are expected for our area, with the one coming late tonight and the next coming Sunday afternoon.


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Oak trees are struck by lightning more than any other tree. Many people credit their tall stature and high moisture content to making them more vulnerable. The moisture may add in conducting the electricity. This has even led to a two-line poem that reads, “Beware the oak; it draws the stroke.”


The blizzard this past week was certainly an incredible weather event for the Midwest. Today’s records prove that it’s not the first time, though. On this day in 1986 a major winter storm intensified into a blizzard for the Dakotas. Up to 18 inches of snow fell in winds that gusted to 90 mph. Snowdrifts were as high as 15 feet deep! Livestock losses were in the millions. For many areas, it was the worst blizzard on record.

On this day in 2004 the latest known snow to fall in Jackson, TN fell. The snow brought traffic on Interstate 40 to a standstill. Six lives were lost in traffic accidents. I remember this event and I remember it only affected West Tn. A bizarre situation, for sure.



Yesterday’s record high: 81 (1977)

Yesterday’s record low: 26 (1989)

Today’s record high: 83 (1977)

Today’s record low: 28 (1990)

Today’s sunset: 7:12

Tomorrow sunrise: 6:07

Today’s day length: 13 hrs 03 mins 40 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 13 hrs 05 mins 50 secs

One year ago today

The high was 75 degrees, after a morning low of 57. That sounds like a fine day to me! No precip fell and winds were from the south.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: POOR

Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous, 58% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Cloud cover should hinder the view.


The blizzard that hit the Midwest this week was historic but it always had some quirks. The winds behind the system were quiet powerful across the Desert Southwest. In fact, dust from that area ended being blown high into the atmosphere. It then came back down in snow in Minnesota, turning the snow a dirty brown color. How bizarre is that?


Please know that I will be monitoring our weather situation throughout the day and posting updates, as needed. I’ll certainly be on here late tonight. I would suggest everyone get some rest today. Take an afternoon nap, etc. Be prepared to be awakened in the very early hours of Sunday (if you go to bed at all).

Use today to prepare for power outages! Have plenty of battery back-ups for getting your warnings (radio, cell phone, weather radio, etc). Prepare today.

I’ll be here watching it all!


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