We are seeing lots of showers and t-storms breaking out across Middle TN at this hour. This is in response to the warm front lifting north. Winds are picking up and my temp has rising two degrees in the past hour to 62. You may be hearing about the tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama. That is part of the system that will threaten us in the morning.

Prepare to be very weather aware between 5-8:00 a.m, though an isolated strong to severe storm is possible anytime tonight with this warm front. The main threat with these storms would be large hail. Warm fronts tend to be very active with lightning too.

Have that weather radio on or something that can wake you up if needed. Again, the greater threat appears to be in the morning hours of Sunday.

Another round of strong to severe storms will threaten us in the afternoon, so don’t let your guard down after the morning storms. It depends on how much the atmosphere can destabilize as to how rough the afternoon storms will be (more sunshine means rougher storms).

Below is the current radar, with activity moving north to slightly northeast.


I may try to get some shut eye before things get too active (if I can sleep. ha).

Keep those folks dealing with the tornadoes tonight close to your hearts.



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