Update on severe storms for Sunday

Good evening, everyone. I thought I would take a minute to update you all on the developing severe weather situation.

I have some good news. The timing has changed and it now looks like the storms will come after daybreak Sunday. This is wonderful news, as nighttime severe wx is so much more dangerous than bad weather that comes in the dark. Be ready to be on guard between 6-10:00 a.m.

The bad news is that the threat still looks very concerning, with all modes of severe weather possible, including tornadoes.

Also, keep in mind that showers and storms could move in during the night, but we’re not too worried about them becoming severe. I’ll keep an eye on them, though.

Be prepared for power outages. A warm front is coming and as it approaches and crosses our area late tonight, winds should become quite gusty.

Speaking of winds, this system has  a lot of wind energy. Any storm that becomes strong will have the potential to bring down 60-70 mph wind gusts. Be aware of that threat.

I really am so relieved to see the timing of these storms shifted to the daylight hours of Sunday. Let’s just hope the storms weaken as they move across the plateau.

I’ll update again later this evening to make sure all of this is still on track. It looks like we will be able to get some sleep before storms move in during the early morning hours.

Don’t forget that a secondary round of severe storms may threaten us around mid afternoon on Sunday. After this first round moves through, the environment will stabilize and we may even see some sun around noon. Then, the cold front comes through and that could set off some strong to severe storms, with large hail being the primary threat.

I’ll be watching it all and keeping you all posted. I plan to be up at 5:00 a.m. (or earlier if I can’t sleep) and monitoring it all. If needed, the usual Sunday Story may be postponed until Sunday evening.

You all have a great evening and I’ll be updating again in a few hours.


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