One last evening update

I just wanted to make sure that I was clear in the last post about this evening’s storms. Our severe weather threat is over for the evening. We dodged another bullet. If you’ve been outside you’ll notice the winds are noticeably cooler now.

We do have some showers across Middle TN this evening but they are perfectly harmless. I also want to note that these winds will die down as we go through the night. They’ve been crazy today! There should remain just enough of a breeze to avoid widespread frost….yeah, temps are taking plunge and should be around 40 degrees by daybreak.

Monday will be a cool day, with highs struggling to reach 60 degrees. We may see some patchy frost Monday night (in the colder spots), so be aware of that.

We warm back up Tuesday and Wednesday before we have to start worrying about storms again for our Thursday or Thursday night. We’ll worry about that later and after more and better data come in over the next couple of days. You know I’ll be watching it and will let you know what you need to know.

I also want to welcome all the new followers we have! I have never had more notifications in one day about new followers. That is awesome and I am so glad to have you here! This is going to be the most popular blog on the plateau if we keep this up! (haha) I think this is, at least in part, due to the result of the Facebook crash this morning when that line of storms was coming through. What terrible timing! At least we learned not to rely on Facebook in this event and not during worse weather.

I hope that you new followers will soon learn that I’m all about the facts and not what gets me “clicks” (ha). Plus, you can always ask me anything and I’ll be glad to help.

You all have a great evening and please don’t forget to be thankful for all the bad weather we missed today. There are a LOT of folks who wish they had been as lucky/blessed as we are.

You all have a pleasant evening and I’ll see you in the morning for the Monday blog update!




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