I hope you love a rainy night

One look at the radar and you can see we have a 100% chance of rain tonight. The good news is that the strong to severe storms to our south have robbed our atmosphere of much of the energy needed for severe storms. Therefore, we are only looking at a very rainy night, with some storms thrown in. We still can’t rule out a strong to severe storm but that threat looks quite minimal. Even if we do get a severe storm the gusty winds would be the main threat. The tornado threat is incredibly low.

Some of the downpours tonight could be a bit heavy, leading to some ponding of water on roadways, etc. So, if you’re out and about late tonight be careful. We should end up with 1-2 inches of rain area-wide, with isolated higher amounts.

So, get ready for a very rain night. I still think the heaviest rain will come after midnight, but we could see showers or so anytime after 10:00 p.m.

Below is the current radar, showing the heaviest of storms down in Alabama. That complex of storms is their woe, but it helped saves us from worse storms.

I don’t think it will be necessary to update you all anymore this evening. If something were to come up I’ll send out an email, but I honestly think we’re just looking at a rainy night with gusty winds and thunder. Any storm that gets strong will have gustier winds.


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