Nice for now, but unsettled weather is in sight


Main threats



As soon as this fog burns off, we should be in for a very nice day. That nice weather will continue into Wednesday, though we may be looking at the threat of showers later Wednesday.

The big weather story this week will be the big severe weather outbreak across the southern plains on Wednesday. Remnants of that activity will work our way but the ingredients for severe weather should really fall apart by the time it reaches us. Still, I’ll keep an eye on it and keep the threat for some strong to possibly severe storms in our Thursday evening forecast.

Again, you’ll likely hear about this severe weather in the news. Just keep in mind that our atmosphere will be far more stable than theirs by the time it reaches us.

May is the prime time for severe weather across Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. This system is staying true to climatology!

After this system passes by us, models aren’t handling its evolution well at all. For now, I’m going with the idea that the atmosphere will remain unstable and unsettled enough to bring scattered showers and storms through the weekend. If, however, drier air can work it’s way in here, we will have a drier forecast. I’ll keep an eye on that. Right now, the unsettled pattern is much more favored.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT


On this day in 1975 a massive tornado struck Omaha, Nebraska. The tornado killed three people and injured 133. The storm did 150 million dollars in damages. The twister struck in the afternoon and moved through numerous residential neighborhoods, leaving the area looking like an atom bomb had been dropped on them. This was the costliest tornado in U.S. history up to this time. That has since been surpassed by other devastating tornadoes in residential areas.


This is an abbreviated blog, as I am due to be in budget meetings all day for the county commission. Today is when various departments tell us what they need and why.

I’ll have much more in tomorrow’s blog, including details from my weekend trip to Maryland. For those who didn’t see my finishing time on Facebook, my goal is to always do the race in under two hours. My time in this race was 2 hrs and 38 seconds. Such a tease, right? ha

Check out the bling, though! Wow! It’s colored up like the Maryland flag.


You all have a great day! The full blog will be back tomorrow!




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