Blackberry Winter


Main threats

No widespread hazardous weather expected for the next 7 days.


Rainfall amounts this weekend varied wildly across the county. I measured 1.6″ at my house this weekend, while others measured 4″ or more. Thankfully, drier days are in store for us to start this new work week.

Today and tomorrow will be quite pleasant. Be sure and get outside when you can. Blackberry winter brings warm afternoons and cool, crisp nights.

Many of us will see showers and t-storms return by Wednesday afternoon and evening. Most of that activity should be focused to our west but the plateau should still see scattered showers and storms.

Models are showing us drying out again for Thursday, before rain chances increase again fro Friday and the weekend. This is more of the general summer-like airmass type of t-storms. Not all of us will get them, but they could be heavy rain producers for those who do.

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

When the first equations for predicting weather were formulated in 1920, it was estimated that it would take 6 weeks to make a 6 hour forecast. We had to wait until the 1940s and the invention of the first supercomputers to use the equations in a timely manner. Today, we have even more complex equations that we use in supercomputers to generate our model data. In time, computers will become faster and data even more plentiful, which will improve weather forecasting.


The warmest May temperature ever recorded in Crossville was recorded on this day in 1962. That was when the city of Crossville recorded a high of 91 degrees.

On this day in 1999, marble to golf-ball sized hail covered the ground to a depth of three inches in Crab Orchard. Traffic on I-40 was brought to a standstill. Over half a dozen wreckers were needed to clear accidents off the interstate, as traffic backed up for miles, even stretching into Roane County. Snow plows were brought in to clear hail off the interstate. One residence in Crab Orchard measured 7″ of hail on the ground.



Yesterday’s record high: 86 (1962)

Yesterday’s record low: 35 (1954)

Today’s record high: 91 (1962)

Today’s record low: 33 (2013)

Today’s sunset: 7:37

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:34

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 02 mins 14 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 03 mins 51 secs

One year ago today

It was a warm day! The high was 84 and the low was 54. No precip was recorded.


Sky viewing conditions tonight: GOOD

Moon rise: 2:02 p.m.

Moon set: 2:40 a.m.

Moon phase: Waxing Gibbous, 67% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Well, it won’t be night at this point but at 4:53 p.m. this afternoon the moon will be at its closest point to the earth. At that time, the moon will only be 229,291 miles away from earth. That’d take a while to drive! HA! If you drove 70 mph non-stop it would take you 134.5 days to drive it. Road trip? lol

If you’re up early in the mornings be sure and look for Venus. She’s quite the sight on the eastern horizon about an hour before the sun rises. Using a telescope, you can easily see her disk.


Severe weather chances will increase again this week across the plains. Friday and Saturday look to be the most active. It’s that time of year when the main focus of severe weather shifts from the South to the plains.

You all have a great Monday!



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