Oklahoma severe wx update

For only the third time since the Storm Prediction Center has been issuing convective outlooks, they are using the 45% probabilities for tornadoes in Oklahoma today. Unfortunately, things just keep looking worse and not better. Things are so unstable that models are struggling to paint a picture of what to expect. The last time we saw an atmosphere this unstable was April 27, 2011. That was when a historic outbreak of strong/violent tornadoes hit the South.

The city of Moore, situated just south of Oklahoma City, has a bad history of violent tornadoes. In fact, it was six years ago today that they were hit by an EF-5 that obliterated parts of Moore. The city has been hit by significant tornadoes on Oct. 4, 1998, May 3, 1999, May 8, 2003, May 10, 2010, and May 20, 2013.

Tornado watches have now been issued and they are what we call PDS watches. That stands for Particularly Dangerous Situation. An outbreak of tornadoes is imminent, with some of those tornadoes being very wide, violent, and long-tracking.

To make matters even worse, several inches of rain is expected to fall tonight. This will lead to life-threatening flash flooding throughout a large region of the plains.

The map below is the of the storm chasers. And this is just the ones with their trackers turned on. One of the cooler things about today’s technology is that other chasers can see your info, which often includes your cell number. They can then call/text you and ask you what you’re seeing. It’s actually one of the funner parts of chasing for me! Now, if there just weren’t so darn many of them…..


What you’re seeing in the radar image below is the beginnings of a tornado outbreak that won’t soon be forgotten. These are supercells that are currently developing in the Texas Panhandle.


Unfortunately, more severe wx is likely for the plains tomorrow and again on Thursday.

Again, NONE of this will affect us here in Tennessee. We just have a hot and dry week ahead.

You all keep all the folks affected by these storms close to your hearts today.


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