Hay cuttin’ weather


Main threats

No hazardous weather in sight. Just be mindful of the afternoon heat. Remember to hydrate and stay out of the afternoon sun.


The forecast continues to look hot and dry this week. I’d say this is about as perfect hay cutting weather as you’ll find. Of course, with so much heat and humidity, along with the terrain of the plateau, I can’t completely rule out a stray heat-of-the-day storm, but those chances are at about 5-10%. We have a very strong area of high pressure in control and that means conditions are just not favorable for convection.

Just be careful in the heat!

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

While most tornadoes spin counterclockwise, a few spin clockwise. Hurricanes in the northern hemisphere, on the other hand, always spin counterclockwise. Hurricanes in the southern hemisphere always spin clockwise. This is one of the few times we can say “always” in meteorology.


It sure felt like summer in North Dakota on this day in 1980. Williston hit 102 degrees! The next day they hit 106! That’s hot for anybody, especially North Dakota.

On this day in 1860 a tornado outbreak produced tornadoes that struck the cities of Louisville, Kentucky, and Chillicothe, Cincinnati, and Marietta in Ohio. Damage was in the millions of dollars.



Yesterday’s record high: 92 (2018, 1962, 1944)

Yesterday’s record low: 41 (1894)

Today’s record high: 94 (1941)

Today’s record low: 40 (1894)

Today’s sunset: 7:43

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:29

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 14 mins 16 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 15 mins 38 secs

One year ago today

It was a pleasant day, with a high of 79 and a low of 62 degrees. No rain fell and winds were light from the southeast. That’s not too different from what we’ll see today!


Sky viewing conditions tonight: GOOD

Moon rise: 10:37 p.m. (the moon rise has been quite the sight here lately!)

Moon set: 7:47 a.m.

Moon phase: Waning Gibbous, 92% illumination


What to look for in the night sky tonight

Look for Jupiter to accompany that moon rise at about 10:30. It’s something to see! Just look for the bright “star” to the upper right of the moon. You can’t miss it.

There are some more opportunities to see the International Space Station flyover but last night was the last really good opportunity. Generally, the rest of them are less than a minute long and barely rise above the horizon. Still, here’s a chart showing those times. Again, the best flyovers are behind us for now but never fear….be patient and she’ll be back.



When all was said and done yesterday, Oklahoma and Texas ended up being very lucky. This is one of those situations that will be analyzed to death. The atmosphere was incredibly unstable but something was missing for the severe weather that models and meteorology indicated would hit the area. Everything looked perfect for long-track, violent tornadoes. In the end, not one violent tornado touched down and the tornadoes that did occur where generally on the weaker, short-lived side of things. Perhaps prayers were answered? Who knows?

It’s sad seeing the comments on social media this morning that are directed at the Storm Prediction Center. It’s like some people are disappointed that there’s not widespread death and destruction across the southern plains today. Some of those forecasters are still at work and have been there since yesterday afternoon. I can’t imagine how tired they are.

In the end, they did have a severe weather outbreak and they’re still dealing with rough weather this morning. They just didn’t get the outbreak of violent tornadoes that it looked like they would have yesterday and last night. Thank goodness for that!

Below is a map of storm reports from yesterday and last night.


I should also mention that we still have Tropical Storm Andrea out in the Atlantic, with winds of 40 mph. She will spin harmlessly out to sea. The official start to hurricane season begins June 1.

On the backside of our severe weather-producing system it was very cold yesterday and last night. In fact, folks in Colorado, including Denver, woke up to snow this morning! Can you imagine snow on May 20th? Some folks have several inches of snow! There are pics galore on Twitter!

If you get hot later today just pull up these pics. That’ll cool ya down. ha


You all have a great day!




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