Lunchtime weather update

Short-term models are indicating that we have a dry lunch time forecast to look forward to. Most of the showers are well to our west. The best chance of rain looks to come between 4-10:00 this evening.


I noticed frost advisories being issued for parts of Michigan for tonight. They’ll wake up to the first day of June with frost! June 1st is also the first day of meteorological summer. Astronomical summer begins June 21st.


This map was published on Twitter earlier this morning and I’ve shared it on social media. Still, I’ll share with you all in case you missed it on social media.

We have been so fortunate here in the Southeast to have missed out on so much of this tornado madness over the past couple of weeks. All total, there have been 762 tornado warnings issued by the NWS since the morning of May 15th.

Meanwhile, we have been under the influence of an area of high pressure that steered all the rough weather north and then east, away from our area. That clockwise flow around the high is so evident by the pattern the tornado warnings are in.

D70FyxBX4AQ4SbJ.jpg large

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