Another surprise

I shared this on Facebook but I’ll share here with you all, too. I’ve had another unbelievable surprise from NASA.

Many of us remember the Challenger disaster. That shuttle blowing up 73 seconds into flight. We all wondered if something could have been done for those astronauts. We now know that the impact of hitting water may have killed some of those astronauts, meaning they could have had a chance to survive if they had a proper escape mechanism.

Now, we have one.

On July 2, NASA and SpaceX will be testing the new abort system on the Orion test launch. And, once again, NASA has invited only 55 people to have exclusive access to the launch. I knew there was no way I would get in. After all, I’m already headed down there for the Falcon Heavy launch on June 22. Lord knows I’ve been so excited about that I can hardly sleep these days.

But, I’m not one to wonder “what if” and I sat down and filled out my application. I poured my heart out, practically begging (professionally, of course. ha), and then turned in the application.

This evening I was congratulated by NASA for making it into this mission’s exclusive viewing! I am beyond excited and I honestly have no idea why this happened a second time within such a short period of time. Some people never get into these NASA events. This will be my third time!

You all keep me in your prayers that NASA doesn’t kill me with me a heart-attack this summer. LOL

Can you believe this?! If I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up.

As always, I’ll be sharing this whole experience right here! Tell your family and friends who are not following this blog that they need to get to following the best blog the plateau has to offer! ha

For more information, please check out this short Youtube video!

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