10:45 Update: Round 1 is over, but what about the rest of the night?

We made it! Round one is over and the severe threat from this first round of storms is now over for everyone in Cumberland, Fentress, Pickett, Overton, and Putnam Counties. If you read this and you’re from Scott, Morgan, or Roane County please let me know.

The bad news is that the night isn’t over yet. Keep those weather radios on or your phone by your bed that has an app that can wake you up. The threat isn’t incredibly high, but it’s certainly not zero. I have my weather radio on and I will jump right back on here if something starts happening again.

We’re already seeing more storms around Nashville, moving east. In addition to that, some very severe storms are moving into southern West TN and Mississippi. Those will move east overnight. I think the worst of the Mississippi storms will stay south of us.


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