A storm update with good news

As of now, there are no active warnings across Middle TN. That could change and it could change quickly, but for now things look much better than they did an hour ago. When the storms first started firing, they were more individual, which gives them access to ALL the energy of the environment. Now, they’re erupting all around each other, robbing each other of available energy. This keeps them from getting too out of hand. Still, we’ll see one pulse up to severe limits from time to time, with hail and damaging wind gusts. When storms cluster like this, it also lowers the tornado threat, which is also good news!

We could see a storm pop up at anytime this evening, with the main batch of storms over around Nashville approaching the plateau around 9:00 pm. Let’s just stay weather aware and I’ll be tracking it all! Go ahead and figure out now where you and your family will go if a warning is issued. It’s a lot easier to figure that stuff out while it’s still light outside than it is when it gets dark, esp if you lose power.

The image below is how storms looked an hour ago, when they were much more intense but more isolated in Tennessee.


Now, storms are clustering and interfering with each other, which keeps them less intense. Still, these will likely go severe from time to time as they cross the state.


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