An interesting evening, followed by a quiet night

I still haven’t seen any storm reports from this evening’s storm, so I assume we didn’t have a touchdown. That storm looked impressive on radar, though the rotation never was incredibly impressive. Still, we should be thankful for a NWS office (Nashville) that likes to err on the side of caution!

At one point today, I was out on the roof of our building, trying to video the clouds. The highest clouds were moving southeast, while the lower clouds were moving east. It was a great example of shear in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, my video didn’t turn out too well.

That shear helped storms intensify this evening, even leading to the tornado warning for southwest Cumberland County. I tried to cover that as well as I could. My Facebook page was blowing up! (ha) A lot of folks complimented me on reporting who was NOT at risk. I will continue doing that. It’s pointless for the whole county to take cover for a storm that is in Vandever. When I said everyone north of I-40 was safe, that eliminated a ton of people.

Storms like the one we had this evening pulse up quickly. We had no watch in place and we didn’t even have a severe t-storm warning. That storm intensified so quickly the NWS barely had time to get it tornado-warned before it had moved through.

The storms have now moved out of the area, leaving us with a much quieter pattern for the next 24 hours or so. We may see some distant lightning with these storms after dark, as storms continue moving away.

We will have to be mindful of a complex of storms will drop southward out of the plains Friday night. That will arrive in TN Saturday morning. The Storm Prediction Center has placed all of West TN in a slight risk for severe storms for that. The rest of us are in the marginal risk. I’ll update that for ya tomorrow. Right now, I’m thinking that threat will be highest to our west.

If you enjoy my coverage of the storms be sure and tell family and friends to follow along either here (preferably) or on my personal Facebook page (

If you ever see anything I could do better just let me know!

The night sky should be good for viewing tonight. Jupiter is still shining bright in the southeast sky in the evenings.

You all have a great evening!

Incidentally, look at how many storm reports were made today in the Southeast! It’s been a very active weather day for more folks than just us!


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