7:50 Update

The complex of storms is strengthening as it moves into TN, not weakening. Several tornado warnings have been issued for this along the warm front. Notice the plateau is in the vicinity of that warm front too. These fronts can add some spin to the atmosphere and create severe t-storms capable of very strong winds and/or tornadoes. Let’s start preparing for a rough night, folks, and hope things weaken as we go through the evening. Some of these storms are producing wind gusts as high as 80 mph.

That reminds me… The NWS put out a graphic today that reminds us not to concentrate on tornado potential. Straight-line winds can be as destructive, if not more destructive, than tornadoes. In the image below you can’t tell which one was the 80 mph straight line wind and which one was the 80 mph tornado. In fact, the NWS commented that the 80 mph straight line wind did more damage because it stretched over more territory than the tornado.


Estimated arrival time for storms will be between 9:00-11:00 p.m. Storms should be mostly over with by midnight. I’m watching it!


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