Prepare for power outages

I just had one more thing to add that I normally add. The NWS Nashville just reminded me to be sure and tell folks to prepare for power outages. Some of these storms may produce wind gusts to 70 mph. With our wet soils from recent rains, trees could easily topple. You have several hours to prepare, so go ahead and figure out what you’ll do if the lights go out (is everything charged up?, etc). Can you still get information without electricity? Do you need to run to the store and get batteries? I know I do! ha

Is anyone dependent upon oxygen that requires electricity? Take measures now to prepare for that and avoid a very stressful situation later.

Also, go ahead and go over your severe weather plan. Figure stuff out now, while it’s still light and pretty outside. It will reduce the stress for if things get stormy and bad later on.

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