A tropical system brewing?

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a trough in West Tennessee that will be moving toward the Gulf Coast of Florida next week. The trough  of low pressure will encounter very warm Gulf of Mexico temps, along with favorable upper-level winds that could lead to the development of a tropical system.

Right now, this does not look like a major tropical development. However, it could spin up some rain and wind for the Florida coast by the middle of next week. Anyone with travel plans to the Florida Gulf Coast next week needs to monitor this. It’s not something to cancel plans over, but it is something to keep in mind.

I don’t think I have ever seen the hurricane center circle an area of interest that is so far inland. At first, I thought they had drawn their yellow X in the wrong spot (ha). They usually draw these out in the ocean to show a disturbance they are watching.

Again, if you have plans to go to the Florida coast next week just keep this in mind, but don’t cancel plans just yet. Even if this becomes a tropical storm that will just mean a rainy day with gusty winds, which could be a good day to just be lazy inside.

Forecast_Template (20)


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