An astronaut is coming!

I wanted to be sure and let you all know that an astronaut will be coming to Crossville on Sunday! If you have kids I think this could be a real treat. Here is more information for those of you who are interested. I, of course, will be there.

WHAT:  Spacewalking & What It Is Like Up There

Four Missions – NASA Shuttle Astronaut (Dr. Jay Apt) is presenting a slideshow of his photos and videos taken during his four missions.

Jay was involved in space walks, visited the Russian Mir Space Station, and conducted scientific experiments.

WHERE:   1200 seat auditorium of Stone Memorial HS at Cook Road in Crossville, TN

WHEN:  SUNDAY, July 14 at 3pm (Central Time).    Approximately 1 hour presentation including a Q&A with Dr. Apt.

ADMISSION:  Free admission………with a free-will offering to defray expenses to bring Dr. Apt here from Pittsburgh, Pa.

DOOR PRIZES:  Six autographed copies of ORBIT which is Dr. Apt’s book compilation of photos taken in space, as well as a limited quantity of autographed copies of Jay’s NASA official photo.

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