Beautiful days ahead!


Weather Headlines

–Tuesday morning showers will give way to partly cloudy skies

–Beautiful weather for the next several days, with cool nights and low humidity

Main threats

No major threats in sight.


We’ll see these morning clouds and showers give way to partly cloudy skies by noon. This will all be followed by much nicer weather for the rest of the week! We’ll enjoy partly cloudy skies, with highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s, along with really low humidity. What a treat in July!

Make sure you enjoy this, because we still have a lot of summer left to go!

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

The first hurricane to have a plane fly through it had nothing to do with hurricane research. Instead, the fly-through was the result of a lost bet between American and British Air Force pilots during WWII.

The pilots were in training in Bryan, Texas. The British pilots were skeptical of the AT-6 Texan trainer aircraft at the school there. US Army Air Forces Lieutenant Colonel James Duckworth and his navigator, Lieutenant Ralph O’Hair, made the first deliberate flight into a hurricane in history, reaching the eye of the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Galveston, Texas in an AT-6 on July 27, 1943.

They demonstrated the sturdiness of the aircraft and inspired others to attempt similar flights. This becomes the genesis of the future “Hurricane Hunters” weather reconnaissance program. Pretty cool, right?

Pictured below is an AT-6



The low temperature in Nashville on this day in 1947 was only 51 degrees. This set a new record low for the city for the month of July!

It was on this day in 1788 that George Washington made some interesting entries in his weather diary. Among these entries was his report about the center of a hurricane having passed directly over his Mount Vernon home.

The hurricane ultimately crossed both North Carolina and Virginia, with Norfolk reporting homes destroyed, trees uprooted, and crops leveled to the ground.



Yesterday’s record high: 94 (1993)

Yesterday’s record low: 53 (2007)

Today’s record high: 93 (1991)

Today’s record low: 59 (2003)

Today’s sunset: 7:52

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:41

Today’s day length: 14 hrs 10 mins 48 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 14 hrs 09 mins 21 secs

One year ago today

The high was a pleasant 79 degrees, after a morning low of 65. Only 0.04″ of rain was recorded for the day.


Tropical Depression Three continues to move north this morning, staying offshore the Florida peninsula. The system is expected to remain a depression as it moves north over the next couple of days, reaching the Outer Banks of North Carolina by Wednesday.


This morning I’m at Roane State Community College speaking to about 50 middle school STEM ladies about weather, NASA, and other “sciency” things. The talk begins at 9:00, so think about me! (ha) I’ve been looking forward to this and I sure hope I do a good job with the presentation.

You all have a great day!


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