Yard sale weather and watching the tropics


Weather Headlines

–The weather for the yard salers is looking hot and humid, with isolated storms, mainly in the afternoons and evenings.

–Friday at the Crossroads looks hot and humid, with only a slight chance for a storm.

–A better chance of rain arrives Sunday and Monday.

–Next week looks hot and humid, with isolated storms in the afternoons.

–Watching the tropics

Main threats

No widespread hazardous is expected. Just be careful in the heat and be mindful of those isolated afternoon storms. Sometimes those storms can pack a punch, even if they are isolated.


We’ll see more afternoon showers and storms for the next several days, though they should be isolated. Most of us should stay dry. Just keep in mind that if you end up under one of these storms they can pack a punch, even it doesn’t last long and is isolated.

A better chance of rain arrives Sunday and Monday, with another disturbance dropping by. That should give more of us a decent shot at some rainfall.

Looking into next week, the pattern of hot and humid weather looks to continue. That, of course, means more isolated showers and storms, mainly in the afternoons/evenings.


The tropics continue to heat up! Our next named storm will be Chantal and I think we’ll have that storm by the end of the weekend, for sure. The disturbance is way out in the Atlantic and is in an inhospitable environment. However, as it approaches the Caribbean, conditions will become much more favorable for development. It’s one to keep an eye on. Early indications are that it will curve out to sea, possibly swinging through the Bahamas as it does so, but staying away from the US mainland. That could change, so stay tuned!

The other area of disturbed weather closer to the US Southeast coastline has only a 10% chance of development.


Meanwhile, Hawaii is having an interesting day! Hurricane Erick is swinging to their south today, avoiding a direct hit to the island chain. The storm will, however, bring very heavy rainfall and rough seas to the islands. Flood watches are in effect for the Big Island. It sure would be something to be there and see those big waves rolling in!


By Monday night, the island chain will avoid yet another direct hit. This time, Tropical Storm Flossie will be moving north of the islands. Once again, Hawaii finds itself in a very fortunate position to avoid direct hits!

WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

A dip in the ocean may sound like a good idea if it’s a hot day at the beach, but keep in mind that this is what can increase the chances of a run-in with a shark. The hotter the weather is, the more people there will be in the ocean. The more people that are in the ocean, the greater the odds of someone having a shark encounter.

Your best course of action is to not swim at dawn or dusk. That is the two times of the day when sharks are most active. Of course you could just stay out of the water. That pretty much guarantees you won’t get bit! ha


If you needed to cool off from summer’s heat in the summer of 1954 you should have headed to Washington’s Mount Rainier. On August first of that year they still had 16 inches of snow leftover from the previous winters heavy snowfall! What’s even crazier is that the 16 inches was measured all the way down to the 5,500 foot level!

Speaking of ice, but of a different nature…..

On this day in 1985 a stationary thunderstorm parked itself over Cheyenne, Wyoming. The storm dropped half a foot of rain, creating the most damaging flash flood event in Wyoming’s history. To make matters worse, the storm buried the area under two to five feet of hail! The storm cost 65 million in damages and claimed 12 lives.



Yesterday’s record high: 96 (1980)

Yesterday’s record low: 49 (1965)

Today’s record high: 92 (1954)

Today’s record low: 56 (1997)

Today’s sunset: 7:44

Tomorrow sunrise: 5:48

Today’s day length: 13 hrs 56 mins 34 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 13 hrs 54 mins 51 secs

One year ago today

The high was 84 degrees, after a morning low of 68. No rainfall was recorded.


I posted this on Facebook yesterday and have gotten a very good response! I know that not all of you follow my FB page, so I’ll share it here as well.

“Just out of curiosity, if there were to be an after school “sciency” class for kids offered at the Art Circle Library by a certain weatherTAP meteorologist and NASA nerd, how many of you would be interested in bringing your kids for the class? I’m thinking once a month, perhaps on Fridays after school. It’s an idea I’m working with the library on but wanted to get a feel for how much interest there may be. I’ve had a few parents ask for this and that’s what got this idea started.

Just comment below the number of kids you have that would participate, along with their age.Thank you!”

For those of you here on the blog, just comment here how many kids you would have interested, along with their ages. Thank you! I’ll keep you posted on how this develops!

Please note….if you have already given me a number of kids and their ages on Facebook, please don’t do it again here. That could cause over-counting. Thanks!

You all have a great day!



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