8:40 update on tonight’s storms

The line of storms is moving faster than the models depicted throughout the day. I think this line will be here before midnight. The good news is that a weakening trend is noted on radar and we still don’t anticipate severe weather. Never the less, storms could still be on the stronger side for a few of us. Heavy downpours, lightning, and gusty winds can be expected with any storm.

I just checked temperatures and Nashville was in the mid 80s when those storms pushed through there. Temps on the plateau are around 70 now. That can make a big difference!

It is possible that the line will begin breaking up as it hits the plateau. That would mean that some of us may not see anything.


That red-circled area you see is the area that the Storm Prediction Center just issued a discussion for. They basically said that storms will continue to weaken and that a severe weather watch will not be necessary for that area, which includes portions of the western edge of the plateau. As you can see, warnings are in effect down to Murfreesboro for damaging straight-line winds with the gust front ahead of the storms. Per the evening weather balloon launch at Nashville, our atmosphere is barely supporting strong storms and the tornado threat is practically zero.

Again, we could also see some gusty winds, but they should stay below severe criteria, which is 60 mph and greater.

Pictured below is the area the Storm Prediction Center discussed. Again, a watch is not planned for our area.


You all have a great evening!

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