A nice summer weekend and some new blog graphics to check out!

NOTE: You may notice some new graphics on today’s blog! I hope you enjoy those! I’ve also added a graphic for today’s weather here at the top of the blog, with the 7-day outlook at the very bottom of the blog. I hope you like these changes!

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Forecast_Template (26)

Weather Headlines

–A mostly hot and dry weekend is in store for us

–Hot conditions will prevail Sunday and Monday

–Our next system arrives Tuesday, with an increased chance for showers and storms

–The end of next week looks pleasant

Main threats

Be careful in the heat and humidity Sunday and Monday. We may see dangerous heat indices in the afternoons. Drink lots of water and stay in the shade.


We’re seeing a few showers this morning, mainly south of I-40. Those are rather light and isolated, for the most part, and they should continue tracking east through the morning. After that, the only thing we watch for is one or two afternoon storms across the plateau. Most of us will stay hot and dry.

The heat continues for Sunday and Monday, with two of our hottest days of the summer expected. Please be careful in that heat.

Then, our next system arrives Tuesday and brings cooler temps and a better chance for rain and storms. That continues into Wednesday.

Things dry out and become pleasant for the end of the week.


Things are quite active in the Pacific! They have three systems to monitor over the next several days. The conditions that create activity in the Pacific are often conditions that create calm in the Atlantic, and that’s just what we’re seeing now! The Atlantic basin is quiet as can be.

Below is a current weather map of the Pacific. It’s getting busy over there!


WeatherTAP WeatherFACT

Sudden downdrafts can occur in any storm. Sometimes, the burst of wind causes considerable damage. Many of us refer to these as a microburst. The damage from these can be up to 2.5 miles in scale and do as much damage as a tornado. In fact, wind speeds as high as 150 mph have been documented with extreme microbursts!

When you think about it, does it matter if a 100 mph wind is coming straight at you, or rotating about a vortex? Either way, you have a 100 mph wind coming at you.


We were hot on this day in 1980. You may have noticed the record highs in the Almanac lately. Today marked the fifth straight day of Crossville recording record daily highs, as we hit 95 degrees.

On this day in 1856, a storm surge killed 140 vacationers on The Isle Derniere in Louisiana. The surge was only  five feet deep, but the island had an elevation that was nearly at sea level.

Almanac (Check out the new graphic!)

Forecast_Template (25)

One year ago today

The high was only 81 degrees, and it was a very wet day! A rainfall total of 1.41 inches was recorded at the airport. The morning low was a humid 67 degrees.


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a forecaster when things get a little crazy in the weather business now’s your chance! Check out this simulator and see how you do. Maybe you missed your calling? Find out today!


You all have a great day!


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