7:00 p.m. update on Tuesday’s storm potential & tonight’s meteor shower

First of all, the Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight. Unfortunately, we have a lot of cloud cover hanging around, so that will hinder the view. We also have a very bright moon that is drowning much of the sky in moonlight. Never the less, go out and look up if you get a chance. The later you look the better. Last night I saw a big one. I’ve seen pictures that other photographers took of blue and purple-tailed meteors with this shower.

As for our weather, the Storm Prediction Center continues to keep our area in the slight risk for severe storms for Tuesday. As for timing, that is always the tricky part. As of now, I would just say to be prepared to be weather-aware on the plateau from 3:00-9:00 p.m. tomorrow. I’ll try to get more specific with that in the morning. Right now, one of the more reliable models shows a line of storms between Crossville and Nashville at 3:00 p.m., moving east, southeast.

Tonight, the rough weather is to our north in Illinois. They’re expecting strong to severe storms to erupt up there along the “cold” front that will trigger our storms tomorrow evening. The good news for them is that storms aren’t getting quite as severe as was feared. Let’s hope we fair as lucky!

I’ll be watching it all tomorrow, as you know. I just wanted to give you a reminder this evening, especially if you have plans for later tomorrow afternoon and evening.

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