2:20 p.m. Storm Prediction Center update

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a special update on our area. The red-circled area is what we call a “mesoscale discussion.” That just means a discussion has been issued for a small area. They are saying that earlier convection has taken some of the energy from our atmosphere. That is good news. They also note that heat and instability are certainly on the rise. This means that we will remain in the slight risk for severe storms for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.

They are considering a severe t-storm watch but it will be later before they issue it, if they do. They said the chance of a watch is set at 40%.

The bottom line is that we need to remain weather aware the rest of the evening.


The storms to our west are sending quite the anvil shield over parts of the plateau, including here in Crossville. I’ve even noticed some mammatus clouds. It’s hard to get a good picture of them with my phone, but they are the clouds that look like the ones in the picture below. They are formed by sinking air on the underside of a storm’s anvil. The anvil is the top of the cloud that is sheared off because clouds can only go so high into the atmosphere. It’s quite the interesting sky out there this afternoon.


You all stay weather aware and I’ll keep watching it!




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