Afternoon update on storms

We have one cluster of storms on the western edge of the plateau this afternoon. This is the result of another outflow boundary drifting south from Kentucky from the storms they had earlier this morning. These outflow boundaries act like little cold fronts in how they can kick up storms. The storms you see on the radar are on the eastern edge of that outflow. In this environment it doesn’t take much to kick up a storm! That boundary is drifting southward and those storm may clip the southern end of Cumberland County.

These boundaries show up as thin green lines on radar. The radar reflects off the dust and moisture that pools along and ahead of these lines. Often, you’ll get a few minutes of gusty winds as these go through.


We remain in the slight risk for severe storms this afternoon and evening. Anything can develop at any time in this hot and humid unstable environment.


The storms that moved through earlier, also the result of outflow boundaries from the Kentucky storms, have really gotten their act together as they approach the mountains. Severe t-storm watches are now in place there. Look at all the lightning they are producing! Notice, too, how much lightning the storms to our west are producing. Today’s storms will have a lot of lightning, so be mindful of that.


You all stay weather aware and I’ll keep an eye on things!


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